Our Management

Board Of Directors/ Management:


  • Dr. Zeeshan Miraj (Director)

Dr. Miraj obtained his M.B;B.S. from Allama Iqbal Medical College, University of the Punjab, Lahore in 1986. Since then he has worked in General Surgery in different parts of the world including Ireland, U.K. America and Australia. He completed his F.R.C.S. from Ireland in 1997. While fulfilling his duties as a surgeon he has also been involved in couple of other business ventures with the support of his family.

Dr. Miraj was a partner in HT&T Engineers and Consultants, a partnership firm holding a license for installation and operation of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) filling stations in different parts of Pakistan. Besides this he was also a partner in “ANZEE Enterprises”, an unregistered firm formed for the purpose of installation and maintenance of PCOs (Public Call Offices) in collaboration with TELEFAST PRIVATE LIMITED.

A general Surgeon by profession Dr. Zeeshan Miraj holds a multifarious experience of a number of disciplines including investing in stock market. His experience as a successful investor through the stock market since 1993 has equipped him with an insight on general economic trends and their impact on stock market and consequent investment opportunities.

Dr. Miraj hold 32.55% shares in Moneyline Securities and currently is the Driector of the company

  • Dr. Khalid Pervez Saqib (Chief Executive/Director)

Dr. Khalid Pervez Saqib obtained his M.B;B.S. from Allama Iqbal Medical College, University of the Punjab, Lahore. He has been actively involved in the Stock Market and has to his credit a wealth of diversified experience earned during the course of 20 years of progressive responsibilities & achievements and has been regularly looking after company business since 2004. He has developed an in depth understanding of Karachi Stock Exchange and Lahore Stock Exchange floor practices, rules and regulations of Stock Exchanges, Stock price fluctuations and back office operations.

Dr. Khalid Pervez Saqib holds 16.5% of the shares in Moneyline Securities(Pvt) Ltd. and serves as a CEO/Director.


  • Mr. Aftab Mohy-ud-Din (Director)

After completing his graduation (B.A.) from the Punjab University, Lahore in 1985, Aftab started a charity hospital named SURRAYA NAZIR MEDICAL CENTRE. This project is being run under the auspices of a charitable organization and is catering to the medical needs of the residents of the area. Besides this he also helps his younger brothers in their family business of Tin Printing.

Mr. Mohy-ud-Din holds 9.27% shares in our company and serves as a director of the company.